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The history of solidcoingrab Capital company has begun a long time before it was established. Earlier its founders were simple traders who for more than 10 years could completely study investment market and learn all the secrets of both traditional and cryptocurrency trading. The main cause of the company establishment was serious competition between participants of trading which in some time grew into not just the struggle between professional traders and investors. It was a real war for the market between investment companies and trade brokers. The companies-giants dominated in whole cryptocurrency stock exchanges not leaving any chance for even professional players.

A few years ago a group of professional traders formed a team and created an international investment platform solidcoingrab Capital. In 2019 the company has got an official status and was enrolled in the register of the companies for England and Wales.

Now the company consists of specialists in the market-analysis, financial experts, traders and consultants. The company does its business in Forex - the greatest world financial and monetary market. Also we deal with crypto investment.

Our main goal is a maximization of profits and providing it to our clients by means of high qualified risk management, development of optimal tariff plans and flexible financial systems.

Profitable investment

We create such investment conditions in which every investment begins paying the next hour.

A wide range of plans

We offer to make a choice of 4 optimally developed plans which give chances to have up to 133.2% profits in 24 hours.


Our specialists constantly develop new trading directions and create the most beneficial investment conditions.

100% protection

Safety of deposits and any kind of given information is provided due to multilevel security systems if data protection: Anti-Brute, DDoS protection, SSL.

24-hour support

If you have some problem, specialists from the support service are always ready to give you a consultation according to any question you have.